Thursday, July 17, 2008

My First Entry

So, I thought I would create a Blog so my friends and family who do not live in Colorado could keep tabs on what is going on with us.

It's summer time and all the kids are gone. I have to admit at first it was really nice to have some peace and quiet but I sure do miss them all now. Both of my kids 18 and 16 are with my parents in Cali. My son, 16, is working with my brother at his golf course, makin some cash for the summer, he wants a car.. good lord! Daughter 18 is just hanging out by the pool and has to keep the house clean to earn some school clothes money. My other son, 15, is at his mothers house in Alabama with his other brother and sisters.

They all come home around the 1st week of August as school starts on August 13th. Last year they were at different schools but this year they will all be attending Chaparral High School

I Will have to get some pictures posted of our vacation to Cali this summer.

Better get back to work now!